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Priority Business Lines

Vnesheconombank is a national development bank that seeks to implement the national social and economic policy, upgrade the country’s economy and make it more competitive through sustainable development. Our operations are driven by the national interests of the country and work towards a wide range of goals to set the stage for long-term sustainable growth of the Russian economy, and improvements in environment and living standards

Vnesheconombank’s special status, mission and mandate are set out in Federal Law No. 82 ’On Bank for Development’ dated 17 May 2007. The Bank focuses on investments that have a strong socio-economic and multiplier effect. In our investment operations, we do not seek to compete against commercial lending institutions, but only get involved in those projects that do not make much commercial sense for private investors.

At the same time, we are carrying out a variety of breakthrough functions to improve the country’s financial climate. They include promoting the innovative segment of small- and medium-sized enterprises, supporting Russian high-tech exports, and contributing to foster the market of public private partnership projects.

The scope of our interests is directly driven by the country’s priority goals. Therefore, during this challenging period for the Russian economy, Vnesheconombank, apart from functioning as a development institution, is also directly involved in the deployment of a crisis management programme run by the Russian Government that seeks to eventually steer the country to a new sustainable growth path.

We are guided in our operations by the break-even principle. Despite the adverse impact of sanctions imposed by a number of foreign nations on Vnesheconombank in 2014, and the challenging financial market conditions, we were able to raise considerable long-term resources in both the domestic and international capital markets. This makes our social and economic performance more efficient as compared to direct public investments.

Fostering relations with international development institutions is among our central focus areas. By engaging with major international associations of financial institutions, the Bank facilitates the global representation of Russia while promoting the interests of the Russian financial sector in the discussion of international business standards.

Vnesheconombank Group was set up to help Vnesheconombank carry out its functions of a development institution in a better way. The Group includes specialised financial vehicles and commercial banks operating across Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The Bank’s strategic goal with respect to the Group is to unlock the potential and opportunities offered by its subsidiaries towards a more competitive and diversified national economy while encouraging investment activity

Our vision of Vnesheconombank’s growth outlooks for 2015–2020:

  • a key long-term lender to the national economy;
  • a leading organisation in terms of expertise and financing to major public investment projects and programmes for development of Russian industries and regions;
  • a centre of financial and guarantee support to national non-commodity exports;
  • a parent organisation for implementing the public programme for support to SME;
  • a public managing company for trust management of pension savings and payout reserves;
  • a debt agent for the Russian Government;
  • a financially stable entity;
  • an organisation driven by sustainable development and responsible financing principles; and
  • a strategically oriented, transparent and socially responsible entity.
Vnesheconombank Group Structure