Development Projects

Project: Creation of Wood-Processing Facility in the Solnechny District of the Khabarovsk Territory

The project is the second stage in a long-term development programme of the Business Marketing Group that aims to set up a vertically integrated wood-processing facility in the Khabarovsk Territory that will provide 1.15 mn cubic metres of round timber and 750 thousand cubic metres of processed wood every year.

Project: North-Caucasian Mountain Club

The project provides for regular individual, group and corporate tours of unique natural territories of the North Caucasus. Customised itineraries that give a fresh perspective on well-known attractions of the region will appeal both to outside visitors and local residents of the North Caucasus.

Project: Construction of a Synthetic Sapphire Plant for Optic Electronics

The project provides for the creation of an innovative business that will be able to support the full cycle of artificial sapphire production and offer finished products used in optic electronics, microelectronics, optics, watch production and other industries. Over 90% of the planned output is expected to be exported. The products would be ordered by consumers from about 40 world countries, given that at the moment South-Eastern Asian countries (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan) are the largest consumers of sapphire.

Project: Development of a New Diagnostics Method for Coagulation Disorder

The project will create an integral test of Trombodinamika-4D haemostasis that allows diagnosing coagulation disorders at early stages, including the identification of haemorrhage and blood clotting risks, to reduce the number of complications from thrombosis, ischemic strokes and other conditions. The device provides high diagnostics accuracy as the processes modelled in the devices are identical to natural blood coagulation processes that occur in the human body.

Project: Construction of Boguchany HPP

The project involves cutting-edge technologies that minimise its environmental footprint, including from a more than 350 km long water reservoir built in the valley of the Angara River. The project initiators ran its social and environmental evaluation in line with the requirements of Russian laws, and international standards, including the Equator Principles and guidelines of IFC and the World Bank Group. All 9 hydro units of the Hydro Power Plant have already been commissioned, with the reservoir bed currently being filled to the designed level.

Project: Increasing the Capacity of a Highly Productive Beef Cattle Breeding Facility and a Cattle Slaughtering and Primary Processing Facility

As part of the project, the existing capacity of the facility will be built up to 120 thousand tonnes of premium beef per year. The project also provides for 31 new farms to be constructed, another 90 thousand heads of highly productive breeding stock to be acquired, agricultural machinery for fodder conservation to be purchased, an in-house fodder infrastructure to be set up.

Project: Production of Non-Ore Construction Materials

This project will supply the Republic of Tatarstan and adjacent regions with gravel and sand that are a prerequisite for any growing construction industry. High construction rates in the Republic of Tatarstan, a leader in the new housing commissioning rates in Russia, make the project extremely important.

Project: Derevenskoye Molochko

As part of the project, the company will undertake a range of measures to improve the process of making its traditional dairy products and launch a new soft cheese production line. By expanding its product mix, the project initiator that operates in the SME segment will be able to reach a fundamentally new level in the market. The project will also enable the company to cut down the share of manual labour and mitigate microbiological risks by eliminating intermediate stages from the dairy production process.

Project: Supply of Sukhoi Superjet 100 Passenger Aircraft to Mexico

As part of the project, Vnesheconombank took part in the financing of supplies of Russian aircraft to Mexico as a member of a consortium of major international banks that comprised Natixis (France), Intesa Sanpaolo SpA (Italy), Deutsche Bank SpA (Italy) and Deutsche Bank AG (Germany). Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliners purchased as part of the project are already actively used by Mexican airlines Interjet for regional flights, including in Alpine conditions for flights to airports of Mexico and Toluca located at altitudes of more than 2 thousand metres. Interjet is planning to acquire another 10 SSJ 100 options in the nearest term.

Project: Altai Flour Mills

As part of the project, EXIAR insures exports of Altai Flour Mills company and covers its political risks. The company’s products are supplied on payment deferral terms, including under the UN World Food Programme.

Project: Construction of the Omsk-Fyodorovka Airport on PPP Terms

The project will allow decommissioning the existing Omsk (Tsentralny) Airport located 3 km away from the centre of Omsk and surrounded with residential communities, which goes against take-off and landing safety requirements, sanitary standards on noise and electromagnetic impact, and environmental requirements.

Project: Bridging the Digital Divide

The project provides for the construction of a communications network that would comprise about 200 thousand km of new optical fibre communication lines for access to the Internet at a rate of at least 10 Mb/s in 13.6 thousand localities. The solutions and methods used in the project meet international and Russian environmental safety requirements as confirmed by an independent advisor who ran an engineering review of the project.