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Development Award

The national Development Award was established by Vnesheconombank in 2012 to encourage investment operations and build an attractive investment climate in Russia. The strategic goal of the award consists in achieving comprehensive modernisation and renovation through sustainable social and economic development.

In 2014, Vnesheconombank organised a second Development Award. The award was given for outstanding achievements in the implementation of nationally important projects. The critical criteria in assessing projects and selecting the winners were whether the project is innovative, oriented towards exports or import substitution, and what are its socio-economic and environmental effects.

The award ceremony was held as part of the 18th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum in May 2014 and was attended by Sergei Ivanov, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, and Vladimir Dmitriev, Chairman of Vnesheconombank.

This is Russia’s first award for outstanding achievements in investing in industrial and infrastructural projects. A better investment climate is important not as an end in itself, but rather as an efficient tool to create new jobs. The Development Award was established exactly to support and encourage those who invest, build and create.
Sergei Ivanov

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation

Winners of the Development Award 2014

Project: Construction of a Medical Technopark in the Novosibirsk Region
ZAO Innovatsionniy Medico-Tekhnologicheskiy Tsentr (Tekhnopark)

Project: Creation of the Far Eastern Centre for Added-Value Wood Processing in Amursk (Khabarovsk Territory) with In-House Logging
OAO Dallesprom

Project: Creation and Development of Automobile Manufacturing in the Kaliningrad Region in 1996–2020

Project: Development and Introduction of Innovative Products Immunochromatographic Test Strips for AMI Identification Based on Fatty Acid Binding Protein

In 2014, Vnesheconombank worked hard to improve procedures related to the organisation and holding of the award. Based on past experience, we decided to expand the list of nominations for the Development Award 2015 by including new nominations that match the Bank’s focus areas:

  • Best Innovative and High-Tech Project;
  • Best Environmental and Green Project;
  • Best Export Project;
  • Best Foreign Investment Project.